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Every one of our projects - big or small - is an opportunity to create value for our clients. We'll work with you to figure out what a great solution looks like given the business context. And then we'll provide project management services to see the vision realized. We love that process!
Here are some examples of our work.
eDiscovery System for a Global 100 Law Firm

We managed the analysis, design, and implementation of a new eDiscovery system for a Global 100 Law Firm. The system enabled the firm to improve service to its clients and open a new line of business that directly provides essential litigation support services.

Operational Performance Benchmarking of a New TV Platform for a Publicly Traded Media and Technology Company

A large media and technology company had just launched its next-generation TV platform. To help improve the customer experience and remove impediments to scaling the product, we provided an operational assessment and benchmarking analysis to identify areas for improvement so they could enhance their customers' experience, improve operating efficiencies, and remove barriers to growth.

Cybersecurity for a Global 100 Law Firm

Like all businesses should be, our client was concerned with cybersecurity. They set out to build world class digital security capabilities. We helped them design and implement a state of the art cybersecurity ecosystem to protect their assets around the world. This comprised six key initiatives over a 24 month period that addressed networks, end-points, severs and other advanced cyber technologies.  

Document Management System for a 
Global 100 Law Firm

Great document management support is essential in the legal services business. Our client was on an aging platform and wanted to evaluate options for its next-generation Document Management System (DMS). We analyzed and evaluated alternatives, managed detailed analysis and prototyping, and helped to negotiate favorable terms with technology providers selected to contribute to the firm's new DMS solution. We also project managed the global implementation and roll-out of the new system that is in full operation globally today.

New Software Development Process and Organizational Design for a Global Content Delivery Network Provider 

Our client had some terrific technology but recognized it was missing key elements in its software development process and organization. We worked to restructure the company's development team and implemented processes that improved quality and schedule attainment.

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